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Eve's Facility(Women's Facility)

Locker / Powder room

Locker room with cosmetics, hair dryer etc.

  • Locker / Powder room

Bathing Area

In bathing area, we have not only the dry sauna and mist sauna, but also rock bath which is exclusive for Eve.

  • Bathing Area
  • Bathing Area

Bedrock bath

  • Bedrock bath
  • Bedrock bath using various materials such as, yellow clay, charcoal and gold etc. By warming up the body, metabolism is improved having the body de-tox. Its middle temperature which is 50~55 degree cel, is very effective while not giving too much pressure to the body.

Rest Area

In Eve, we have exclusive menu considering women's beauty and health.

  • 休憩室
  • 休憩室
  • Rest Area