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Tokyo and Minato Ward are the relaxation space to stop in a still town in west Azabu just near Roppongi station.
As Korean style spa, we will offer the full body scrub, chiropractic and the meridian massage, etc.
Sauna Adam and Eve is divided into the Adam for man-only and the Eve for women-only, and waits for everybody with high-quality service that is continued for 20 years in Azabu.
As a sauna that is open for 24 hours, was very extraordinary to offer Korean style scrub and massage at the time. As soon as it was introduced, it got very popular and still supported over the years. Not only scrubs, but we also prepare various courses like the oil massage and our original Takeshio (bamboo salt) massage, and aroma therapy, etc. Please try the original steam sauna with felon herb as well as the regular dry sauna. Also in the Eve, is equipped with the bedrock bathing; using the rock imported from South Korea.
In addition, we prepare space to be able to enjoy over a real homemade food of South Korea and resting space for your relaxation.
It is not only esthetics but also the overall relaxation space. Settled in the center of Tokyo and the town called Azabu. Of course, we have our own parking lot.
Sauna Adam and Eve have no holiday and waits for everybody in 24-hour operations, all the year round.

We are looking forward to your visit as our shop is open 24 hours a day as usual.
Due to the state of emergency, we are shortening our business. The current business hours are as follows.
・ Opening: 8:00 am
・ Closed: 11:00 pm
adam・eve's site new open.