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Adam's Facility(Men's Facility)

Locker / Powder room

Locker / Powder room. We have men's basic cosmetics as well.

  • Locker / Powder room

Bathing Area

Bathing Area. We have shampoo, conditioner, body soap, tooth brush, and razor.

  • Bathing Area
  • Bathing Area

Dry Sauna

  • Dry Sauna
  • Dry Sauna.
    Function of the circulatory organs system becomes active, and the stream of blood increases.
    Waste such as lactic acids and heavy metals accumulated in the inside of the body are exhausted. Stimulation of central nerve is improved, and, as a result, adjustment of bodily functions is improved.
    The temperature stimulus of the sauna improves autonomic adjustment power, and improves blood circulation.

Mist Sauna

Mist Sauna using Felon Herb. Exllent for moisturing and allergic skin and respiratory organs.

  • Mist Sauna

Rest Area

Rest Area.

  • 休憩室
  • 休憩室

We also serve authentic Korean meal, snack and various beverage.

  • 休憩室