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Full Body Scrub ¥4,400 / 30min~

  • Full body scrub of our shop that gets constant support since our opening.
    The sebum and old dead skin are removed, and the effects of your beautiful skin.
  • The skin respiration is promoted by removing the old layer and as a result, improves the circulation function of your skin.
  • There is a huge difference between general esthetics since the general esthetics supply the nutrient from the outside, but the purpose of our body scrub is to activate oneself with the skin stimulus.

Takeshio(Bamboo Salt) Massage ¥8,800 / 40min~(with Cucumber pack & Facial Massage)

Oil Massage ¥6,600 / 40min~(with Cucumber pack & Facial Massage)

  • Massage that uses "Takeshio"; very original at our shop. What "Takeshio" is that pack the salt into the bamboo, burnt many times, and made into powder form.
  • Then, creamed by mainly using brown sugar and eggs, etc. The skin will be gently protected by this cream. It is effective in not only after the body scrub but the recovery of tiredness and beautiful skin; it is a massage we highly recommend.
  • When the massage is performed, the cucumber packing with whitening effectiveness is given to the face.

Keiraku (lymph) Massage ¥11,000 / 60min~

  • Keiraku (lymph) massage that uses aroma oil.
    It is effective in the mind and body's relaxation and tiredness recovery.
  • It is a massage for the body to improve from a fundamental; in addition to keep a healthy condition.
  • Keiraku (lymph) massage is based on the oriental medicine; not only to improve the body, but also be preventive of any harmful condition of the body in daily life.

Packs ¥5,500 / 30min~

■Collagen Pack
To a fresh skin with collagen enriching the dry and wrinkled skin which looks above the actual age.
■Complex Care
To brighten the complexion.
■Slim Pack
To make the skin firm and slim.
■Plaster Pack
To de-tox and tighten pores.
■Keratoid Care
To smoothen for make ups.
■Chinese Medicine Pack
For customer with sensitive skin. Please try if worried with other massage.

Cellulite Care ¥16,500 / 60min~

Massage for whole body with pressure to fat cells and heated suction for stimulating fat cells.

We also have Point-Pressure Massage, Foot Massage etc. Please contact us for more detail.